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Format & Schedule

2024 adidas LSC #1 - Schedule

2024 adidas LSC #2 - Schedule

2024 adidas LSC #3 - Schedule


Tournament Info & 2024 Dates



The adidas Lone Star Classic National Qualifier will take place over 3 days. To be accepted teams must satisfy the following criteria: 

11 Club is a 2 day event, this division will play on Saturday and Sunday only. 


1. Register on AES
2. Submit entry fee payment
3. Fulfill the Stay to Play Policy


LSC #1 April 6-8, 2024

  • 11-13's all divisions
  • 14s Select, Elite and Club

LSC #2 April 13-15, 2024

  • 14s American, Liberty, USA, Open
  • 15s Club, American, 15 Liberty
  • 16s Select, Elite, and Club

LSC #3 April 19-21, 2024

  • 15 Open
  • 16 American, 16 Liberty, 16 USA, 16 Open
  • 17s all divisions
Bid Breakdown


2024 Bid Allocation

2022 Bids Accepted

FinishTeam NameTeam CodeCity/StateBid Acceptance
1MADFROG 11'S N GREEN (NT)g11frogs1ntAllen, TXAccepts 11 National Bid
4Skyline 12 Royal (NT)g12skyln1ntCarrollton, TXAccepts 12 National Bid
1SA Magic 12 ELITE (LS)g12samag1lsSan Antonio, TXAccepts 12 USA Bid
3STVA 12 Navy (LS)g12stvac1lsSAN ANTONIO, TXAccepts 12 USA Bid
1MADFROG 12'S N BLACK (NT)g12frogs2ntAllen, TXAccepts 12 American Bid
5EXCEL 13 National Red (NT)g13excel1ntPlano, TXAccepts 13 Open Bid
6Flyers 13 APX-Jason (NT)g13frfly1ntFrisco, TXAccepts 13 Open Bid
1Areté 13 Navy Telos (NT)g13arete1ntMcKinney, TXAccepts 13 USA Bid
2NRG VBC 13 AMPD Navy (NT)g13nrgvc1ntMansfield, TXAccepts 13 USA Bid
3W Revolution 13 Premier (LS)g13wrevo1lsMagnolia, TXAccepts 13 USA Bid
1victory 13Elite Green (NT)g13tejas1ntGrapevine, TXAccepts 13 Liberty Bid
2MADFROG 13'S N WHITE (NT)g13frogs3ntAllen, TXAccepts 13 Liberty Bid
1Ama Xtreme 13 Intensity (SU)g13amxtr1suAmarillo, TXAccepts 13 American Bid
4H Skyline 14 Royal (LS)g14hosky1lsHouston, TXAccepts 14 Open Bid
5OP2 14-1 (OK)g14op2vb1okOklahoma City, OKAccepts 14 Open Bid
5TAV Houston 14 Adidas (LS)g14tavho1lsSpring, TXAccepts 14 Open Bid
1HOU STELLAR 14 ELITE (LS)g14hsvba1lsHouston, TXAccepts 14 USA Bid
2Tejas 14 Black (NT)g14tejas1ntGrapevine, TXAccepts 14 USA Bid
3Drive Nation 14-Black (NT)g14drive2ntIrving, TXAccepts 14 USA Bid
1OK Charge 14 UA (OK)g14charg1okEdmond, OKAccepts 14 Liberty Bid
2United VBA 14 Purple (LS)g14unvba1lsNew Braunfels, TXAccepts 14 Liberty Bid
1Alamo 14 Elite (LS)g14alamo2lsSan Antonio, TXAccepts 14 American Bid
1Skyline 15 Royal (NT)g15skyln1ntCarrollton, TXAccepts 15 Open Bid
4EXCEL 15 National Red (NT)g15excel1ntPlano, TXAccepts 15 Open Bid
5AJV 15 adidas (LS)g15ajvba1lsAustin, TXAccepts 15 Open Bid
1Club One AZ 15Platinum (AZ)g15onevb1azChandler, AZAccepts 15 USA Bid
2W Revolution 15 Premier (LS)g15wrevo1lsMagnolia, TXAccepts 15 USA Bid
3Tejas 15 Black (NT)g15tejas1ntGrapevine, TXAccepts 15 USA Bid
1TAV FW 15 Royal (NT)g15txadv4ntDenton, TXAccepts 15 Liberty Bid
2STVA 15 Navy (LS)g15stvac1lsSAN ANTONIO, TXAccepts 15 Liberty Bid
1NLVC15National (SU)g15nextl1sulubbock, TXAccepts 15 American Bid
1TAV 16 Black (NT)g16txadv1ntDenton, TXAccepts 16 Open Bid
3Skyline 16 Royal (NT)g16skyln1ntCarrollton, TXAccepts 16 Open Bid
5Alamo 16 Premier (LS)g16alamo1lsSan Antonio, TXAccepts 16 Open Bid
1Flyers 16 APX-Jeff (NT)g16frfly2ntFrisco, TXAccepts 16 USA Bid
2TAV 16 Blue (NT)g16txadv2ntDenton, TXAccepts 16 USA Bid
3SA Juniors 16 Adidas (LS)g16sajvb1lsGarden Ridge, TXAccepts 16 USA Bid
1Incredible Crush 16 (NT)g16incru1ntROCKWALL, TXAccepts 16 Liberty Bid
2Flyers 16 APX-Jennessa (NT)g16frfly3ntFrisco, TXAccepts 16 Liberty Bid
1ETA1 16 Black (NT)g16eta1v1ntLindale, TXAccepts 16 American Bid
2H Skyline 17 Royal (LS)g17hosky1lsHouston, TXAccepts 17 Open Bid
5KC Power 17-1 (HA)g17power1haShawnee, KSAccepts 17 Open Bid
7Club V 17 Ren Matthew (IM)g17clubv2imNorth Salt Lake, UTAccepts 17 Open Bid
1Skyline 17 Black (NT)g17skyln2ntCarrollton, TXAccepts 17 USA Bid
2TCVA 17 Green Adidas (LS)g17trico1lsCibolo, TXAccepts 17 USA Bid
3Flyers 17 APX-Brian (NT)g17frfly2ntFrisco, TXAccepts 17 USA Bid
2501 Volley 17.1 National (DE)g17fmvbc1deNorth Lttle Rock, ARAccepts 17 Liberty Bid
3Tejas 17 Red Julia (NT)g17tejas2ntGrapevine, TXAccepts 17 Liberty Bid
2CC Force 171 Crossfire (LS)g17ccfor1lsCorpus Christi, TXAccepts 17 American Bid

Qualifier Manual

Download the USA Volleyball Qualifier manual for the most accurate guidelines regarding the format and schedule of USAV National Qualifying Tournaments. 

Procedures for Breaking Ties to determine Pool Finish Details

Live Stream

2024 LSC will be live streamed by BallerTV. Click below to view streaming per weekend. 

LSC #1

LSC #2

LSC #3

2024 Prequalified Teams

*This list is cross referenced with the USAV Girls Qualified Team List



Wave Times

Weekend One

2024 adidas Lone Star Classic Weekend #1

Weekend Two

2024 adidas Lone Star Classic Weekend #2
DivisionWave Time
14 AmericanPM Start
14 LibertyPM Start
14 OpenAM Start
14 USAAM start
15 AmericanAM Start
15 ClubPM Start
15 LibertyAM Start
15 SelectPM Start
15 USAAM Start
16 ClubPM Start
14 Club Wknd 2AM Start
16 PremierAM Start
15 PremierAM Start

Weekend Three

2024 adidas Lone Star Classic Weekend #3
DivisionWave Time
15 OpenAM Start
16 AmericanPM Start
16 LibertyPM Start
16 OpenAM Start
16 USAPM Start
17 AmericanAM Start
17 LibertyAM Start
17 OpenAM Start
17 USAAM Start
17 ClubPM Start

*All wave times are tentative and subject to change

Posted as of 10/2/23



Championship Combines, in partnership with the Lone Star Classic Qualifier, is proud to present the Lone Star Recruiting Combines! - Please see below for our three Recruiting Combine opportunities this April.

The Lone Star Recruiting Combines are very popular and sell out each year. Please click the links below to learn about each combine and don't miss these great recruiting opportunities!!


Texas Boy's Recruiting Combine

April 5th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

KB Hutchison Convention Center - Dallas, TX


adidas Lone Star Classic #2 Recruiting Combine (2nd weekend of LSC)

April 12th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

KB Hutchison Convention Center - Dallas, TX


adidas Lone Star Classic #3 Recruiting Combine (3rd weekend of LSC)

April 18th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

KB Hutchison Convention Center - Dallas, TX