Lone Star Regional Championship

The Lone Star Regional Championships is a regional bid tournament offering National and American bids to the USAV GJNC. In order to register, a team must be a member of the Lone Star Region. Recently, the LSR Championships has made the decision to cap all BID divisions to create a more competitive tournament. The acceptance procedure has changed and is very different than most other tournaments. Please the Format & Schedule section for additional information about this event.



Register on AES

Submit entry fee payment

Book required Stay-To-Save Hotels if applicable 


Each age group will have a BID and a Non-BID division(s). Bids for the GJNC National and American divisions are earned in the BID division of the Lone Star Regional Championships. The Non-BID (Elite, Club, or Classic) divisions are for teams competing for the regional championship but do not wish to continue on to the GJNC.


All BID divisions at the LSR Championships will be capped at 48 teams (the 11s at 24). The remaining teams will be placed into the Elite division (capped at 48 or 64) and, if applicable, the Club or Classic divisions based on the team's Lone Star Region ranking. Teams will be accepted into the tournament until the entire field, regardless of division, is filled. After the final region ranking before the tournament, teams will be placed into the proper division. Teams that registered for the Bid Division but did not make the top 48 in the Bid division will be offered the opportunity to play in the Non-bid divisions.

LS Regionals takes the top 48 registered teams in 12s-17s and top 24 teams in 11s for the bid division that have met all region certification requirements by the end of March.  This means all teams must have a certified referee and scorekeeper.  The first Lone Star ranking in April is used to place teams in Bid vs NonBid divisions.  The second ranking in April is used to seed LS Regionals.  

Team Registration

Online Registration

Registration for the 2022 Lone Star Regional Championships will be completed on Advanced Events Systems.

Registration opens October 1

Registration links

LSR 11s

LSR 12s-14s

LSR 11s, 15-17s

LSR 18s

Policies & Refunds

LATE FEES - Late fees start at 12:01AM on the AES late registration date. Teams who register and/or pay after the registration deadline will incur an additional $50 fee.

Team drop before registration deadline Eligible refund amount less $25
Team drop between registration deadline & registration close deadline Eligible refund amount less $75
Team drop after registration deadline No refund

Late fees will not be refunded if a team withdraws and paid the late fee(s).All entry fees are nontransferable. Teams may not apply entry fees to any other tournament.

Drops may or may not warrant a refund, reference the refund policy for full details. If a team wishes to drop from the tournament, email the tournament director. Include the following in the email:

Team Name

Club Name


Reason for the drop

Team Check-In
Team Check In & Coaches Ticketing

Teams must check in on Friday or Saturday at least one hour prior to their first match via AES.

Coaches will receive their electronic ticket the week of the event via Ticket Guru. The electronic ticket must be shown along with ID in order to be granted admission into the venue. No exceptions. Club directors will be providing the event cell phone #s and email address in order to send electronic tickets.

If you do not receive your ticket my Thursday, please email

for the 11s, 15s-17s and for the 12s-14s

Stay To Play

The Lone Star Regional Championship is a stay to play tournament. Any team traveling further than 60 miles must secure a minimum number of rooms through EM2 Housing. Rooms booked directly through hotels will not apply.

Visit https://www.advancedeventsystems.com/hotels to shop hotels online.

Reservations open date is December 8th.

If you do not see enough rooms available for your team, or your preferred hotel is sold out, please contact EM2 Housing for assistance immediately. If you book rooms on your own with a hotel directly, or through an alternate housing website, your team will not qualify to participate in this stay to play tournament. 

EM2 Housing
Monday–Friday, 8 am - 5 pm CST

Phone - 1-800-603-0917