March 18-19, 2023

See below for the list of bids awarded at the 2022 LSR 18s.

Bid AwardedTeam NameTeam Code
NationalAVA TX 18 Adidas (LS)G18AVATX1LS
NationalTGV 18 Adidas (LS)G18TOPGU1LS
LibertyTexas Tornados 18Adidas (LS)G18TXTOR1LS
AmericanSA Juniors 18 Adidas (LS)G18SAJVB1LS
AmericanAustin Skyline 18 Royal (LS)G18ASKYL1LS
AmericanH Skyline 18 Black (LS) G18HOSKY2LS
AmericanTAV Houston 18 Adidas (LS) G18TAVHO1LS
FreedomWACO VBC 18 UA Black (LS) G18WACOV1LS
FreedomAlamo 18 Premier (LS) G18ALAMO1LS

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Please see the link below to view the completed games from the 2022 LSR 18s.