Big Changes for the Tour of Texas

The Tour of Texas event staff has heard your feedback and it has resulted in a restructuring of the format. The Tour of Texas will now consist of 2 stops, rotating between Houston, Austin, or Dallas each year. 2023 will have Tour stops in Austin and Dallas.

2023 Stop #1: Austin

January 14-15, 2023

  • Tour of Texas Invitational Divisions 14-17s (ACC)
  • Tour of Texas National Divisions 14-18s (ACC and outlying venues)
  • Entry Fee: $495
  • Housing reservations open November 7, 2022

January 21-22, 2023

  • Tour of Texas National Divisions 12-13s (RRSC and ASC CP)
  • Entry Fee: $450
  • Housing reservations open November 7, 2022

2023 Stop #2: Dallas

February 11-12, 2023

  • Tour of Texas Invitational Divisions 14-17s (various Dallas Club facilities)
  • Tour of Texas National Divisions 12s-18s (various Dallas Club facilities)
  • Entry Fee: $380
  • Housing reservations open TBD


Ticket Prices:

Adult Daily Pass - $12.00

Senior/Child Daily Pass - $9.00

Adult Weekend Pass - $20.00

Senior/Child Weekend Pass - $10.00



Tour of Texas age groups will have two divisions:

Tour of Texas: Invitational Divisions (14s-17s) - CURRENT TEAM LIST

Invitational divisions comprise 24 teams with Power Pool format (similar to Triple Crown). Teams will receive an invitation to participate in the upcoming Tour of Texas Invitation division based on performance at the previous’ years JNC. A small number of Invitation Team spots will be offered to elite out of state clubs. Any unclaimed out of state spots will be filled with Texas teams. Initial team registration will be done by the event staff and club directors will then be able to log in to their AES account and complete the process.

Tour of Texas: National Divisions (12s-18s)

Registration for any of the National divisions are open to any team/club choosing to participate.  Division sizes will range between 24–48 teams. Number of teams per club may be limited based on registration numbers and gym space. Any team registered in the National division, who is offered a spot in the Invitational, can have the registration moved by the event staff.

A third division may be created in some age groups based on registration numbers and gym space.


Unlike past years, each stop will play down to a Gold Bracket Champion along with the normal Silver, Bronze, ect Brackets. Teams are guaranteed 5 matches (Day1: 3 matches, Day 2: 2 or more matches).

Tour of Texas: Invitational Divisions (14s-17s)

Invitational Divisions will be 24 teams and will utilize a "Power Pool" format on day 1, and Bracket Play (2 match guarantee) on day 2. Here is the FLOW CHART for the Invitational Divisions.

Tour of Texas: National Divisions (12s-18s)

National Division will range between 24 to 48 teams based on registrations. Day 1 is Pool Play in a normal "snake seed" format. Day 2 is Bracket Play (2 match guarantee).


Each division is seeded based on up to date result information leading up to the event date. Seeding for Stop 2 will include results from Stop 1, but will not be exclusively based on the Stop 1 finishes.



  • 14 National - Round Rock Sports Center
  • All other Divisions - Austin Convention Center



  • All Invitational Divisions - Austin Convention Center
  • 14 National - Round Rock Sports Center
  • 15 National Gold Bracket - Austin Convention Center
  • 15 National all other Brackets - SMAC
  • 16 National - Austin Convention Center and Austin Sports Center Central
  • 17 National - Austin Convention Center
  • 18 National - Austin Convention Center


The Tour of Texas is a stay to play tournament league. Any team traveling further than 60 miles must secure a minimum number of rooms through EM2 Housing. Rooms booked directly through hotels will not apply.

The date hotel bookings will open for 2023 Tour of Texas is November 7, 2022.

How to Book:

Get Started - To reserve a room for the Tour of Texas events, plese select the appropriate event under AES Hotels.

Tour of Texas - Austin (14s-18s)

Tour of Texas - Austin (12s-13s)

Tour of Texas - Dallas

Browse Hotels - A list of hotels will appear with a reference to the average nightly rate, address, distance, and breakfast. You can use filters on the page to help narrow your search, as well as learn more details about amenities and parking.

Select a Hotel - Once you have chosen a hotel, click Book Now. This page will contain an overview of the hotel and the calcellation policy. Next, proceed with the following steps to reserve a room or rooms:

  • A list of the available room nights and rates will be listed
  • Fill in each drop down menu with the desired type/quantity and click add rooms
  • Repeat if you need multiple room types or sets of dates, then click "continue reservation"

*The next step will start a 5-minute tumer that will hold your room selections(s). Please have your credit card ready to ensure you complete your reservation in the time allotted. 

Provide general Info - Fill in all required fields (marked by *)

Select Club and Team - Select your role type from the drop menu. Type in your club name to voew matches and select one. A list of teams from your club will appear. Select all teams that will be booking with the reservation.

Confirmation - Review reservation details. CAREFULLY READ THE CANCELATION POLICY. Select the check box and hit "I Agree" to complete the reservation.




The Tour of Texas is on a 3 year rotating schedule:

2023: 2 Stops - Austin and Dallas

2024: 2 Stops - Dallas and Houston

2025: 2 Stops - Houston and Austin

Dates and locations for 2024 and 2025 are TBD and will be published as soon as established.

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