About the Tour of Texas

The Tour of Texas features the best teams in Texas. The Tour of Texas is an elite competition where the most elite teams from Texas compete in three cities around our great state to be crowned the best in Texas.

The Tour of Texas event staff has heard your feedback and has resulted in a restructuring of the format. The Tour of Texas will consist of 2 stops, rotating between Houston, Austin, or Dallas each year. 2024 will have Tour stops in Dallas and Houston.

The Tour of Texas age groups will have two divisions.

Tour Invitational Divisions (14s-17s)– Invitational division will be comprised of 20 or 24 teams over the course of 3 days at Stop #1. Teams will receive an invitation to participate in the upcoming Tour of Texas Invitation division-based performance at the previous’ years JNC and current region ranks.

Tour of Texas National Divisions (12s-17s) – National division will be open registration format for teams wishing to participate. Division sizes will range between 32 to 48 teams. The top 3 or 4 finishers (dependent upon division) in each National division of stop #1 will earn a spot in the Invitational division of stop #2.  Number of teams per club may be limited based on registration numbers and gym space.

Why play in the Tour?

Best Competition: 128 Tour of Tx Teams Qualified for 2023 USAV JNC

In 2023, Tour of Texas teams won 20 medals at GJNC

5 Tour of Texas Teams won National Championships in 2023

Tour matches will be live streamed for families and college coaches