About the Tour of Texas

The Tour of Texas features the best teams in Texas. The Tour of Texas is an elite competition where the most elite teams from Texas compete in three cities around our great state to be crowned the best in Texas.

All Teams interested in competing in the Tour of Texas must first participate in the Tour of Texas Qualifier. Teams who qualify are automatically entered in to the Tour of Texas and are required to participate in the remaining stops for the season.

The 2022 Tour of Texas will have 3 stops for the 12-13s, and 2 stops for the 14s-18s. We are in the process of restructuring the 2023 Tour of Texas to elevate the guaranteed level of play.

Why play in the Tour/TCS?

Get seen by college coaches without leaving the state

Tour matches will be live streamed for families and college coaches

In 2021, Tour of Texas teams won 12 medals at GJNC

4 Tour of Texas Teams won National Championships in 2021

Tour and TCS stops conveniently occur on the same weekend

Past Results